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Exam Dates for: 2021

  • Last Date of issuance of Admit Card '30th April 2021'

  • Starting Date of Examination for Technical Courses '15th May 2021'

  • Starting Date of Examination for Management Courses '18th May 2021'
  • Starting Date of Examination of Courses other than Management & Technical '20th May 2021'

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From The Director’s Desk

We have over 20 years of experience in education field

From The Director’s Desk

In this climate of great economic change & competition there is a need for a bang up to date knowledge, which is accessible even to people who normally, avoid the subject and knowledge, which really claim to be up to date, must recognize & provide for the propound changes, which are taking place in the way. Successful people have flexible minds & recognized altitudes for what they are, adopted to conditions they obsolete when times have change they don’t doggedly hold on to attitudes developed to cope with the conditions of yesterday.

They grasp the nettle that we have moved on into another phase, and knew, more appropriate attitudes have to be formed or adopted attitudes are never right or wrong in absolute terms, only more or less appropriate. Increasingly, management & technological programs previously, provided by the state have acquired global importance, it requires increasing in management & technical awareness indifferent field among the population, it is not only knowledge & skills, which must be quickly learned. Attitudes too must change long standing institutional attitudes, appropriate for the candidates of the past must now be discrete faster & then they were acquired as the circumstances for which they were appropriate are disappearing over right.

Consequently, this real meaning & rationale underlying the absolute & the newly fasten emerging management values, technical updating & arrangements. It is aimed at students & business people alike. Our programs combine highly researched curriculum integrated with industry relevant concepts & practices. VBIMT offers a unique blend of theoretical & cutting edge inputs to students making comprehensive but user friendly as possible. So whether you work in a larger management, development and changes. We hope too, that it will help you to play your part-as well must in constantly finding better ways of managing your social & business needs in the future.

Admission 2021
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